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Our state-of-the-art technology and meticulous quality assurance procedures ensure our customers will always receive only tested, first quality design files, tailored to meet their needs.

Scroll through our gallery below and see what we have to offer 

Using the latest digitizing software, our designs are hand crafted in order to provide you with high-quality detailed designs. Our logos use 10-20% less stitching then more common on-screen digitizing methods.


We do not use any automated features saving you time and money and improving quality. This technique results in small text second to none in the embroidery industry.


We provide sew outs on the same materials as you are embroidering.  This means a reliable sample in our quality control department before your garment proceeds to production.

With our services you will receive:

  • High quality production ready files

  • Toll free professional customer service support 5 days a week

  • Online file archiving and order tracking 24/7

  • All embroidery orders are tailor made for the fabric requested

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